Domestic Violence

Another area of practice handled by the divorce and family law attorneys at Berry Cannon Crawford Macaw, PLLC involves domestic violence and Orders of Protection.  Unfortunately, there are times during divorces, child custody cases, child support matters, etc., that emotions are high and there are instances of domestic violence.  Domestic violence is behavior that involves abuse and actions that threaten another person such as an individual’s spouse, partner, or children.  

An individual may apply for an Order of Protection, usually through the proper criminal courts.  An Order of Protection, if the requirements are met, shall be awarded and then the individual against whom the Order of Protection is granted must be served with that Order of Protection.  Depending on the applicable law in your state, at that point both parties are entitled to a hearing as to whether or not the Order of Protection will remain in place.  Orders of Protection are quite serious and if violated, in the State of Tennessee, can result in the individual violating the Order of Protection to being immediately arrested.

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